The passion for reading is wonderful but has the only "disadvantage" to fill very pleasantly the house of books :)
Read books are placed in the shelf but those we're reading or wanting to read again? How to do in small homes where optimizing space is a must? Would not it be nice for the books you read to have a place for them all but always on hand?

From this need - personal and felt - BOOKBRIK was born: the book-rack hanging everywhere; a mini-library to build and modular as you like.
The use of quality wool felt gives your books a comfortable house to rest. The crutches - suitably reused - allow everything to stay anywhere, a nail, a corner of a furniture, a thread ... try it!

Accurately hand-made to fit both the most widespread paperback format and the most voluminous harcover, BOOKBRIK is a fun and functional accessory for every booklover you respect.
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