Our creative process comes to life by observing and experimenting with materials processing. In particular the collection MOREGEOMETRICO is born from the passion for wood such ebony, boxwood, bois de rose e rosewood; from curiosity for its artisan processing techniques and the fascination exerted on one of us as a child by activity of making jewelry of her dear uncle living in the USA. The minimal and essential design is a legacy of our formal training, respectively of architect and graphic designer.

Why, you may ask, we use the leather that is not a material commonly used for contemporary jewelry? Because it is a natural material, wear-resistant, particularly adaptable to the body and contact with it is pleasant.
Leather is a material that resists fast fashion trends, does not age but lasts buying over time charm and elegance as befits a jewel. It offers infinite possibilities of color. Leather, as well as essences of wood we use, is a precious material. so precious that we are committed to do not waste a bit.
We reuse leather scraps which we gain with a lot of perseverance (and equally a lot of walking and looking everywhere) and combine them with various precious wood timbers to produce unique items, repeatable but never one piece will be the same as another because everything is individually cut and finished by hand with patience and precision.

We like to stay curious and amazed by the world around us and to always find in it new suggestions to create something new.

In our passion we are joined by our loyal associates. Fred, always very talkative and communicative, and Beatrice, silent and solemn.
At the time of doubt they are always valuable.